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A Legacy of Unparalleled Excellence

In the world of dog training, true mastery is a rarity, and it's even more extraordinary to encounter someone who was born into this craft. Meet Bobby Burke, a name synonymous with canine expertise and a pedigree that sets him apart from the rest.

The Burke legacy in dog training was established in 1967, and it has thrived through generations. The passion, professionalism, and unparalleled mastery exhibited by the Burkes are second to none. Bobby has seamlessly carried forward his father's legacy, upholding the highest standards of quality, passion, and dedication to the craft.

At the heart of the Burke method lies the profound ability to bridge the communication gap between humans and their canine counterparts. This method provides an exhilarating language through which meaningful, enriching relationships can blossom. The Burkes have earned a reputation for their exceptional skills in resolving even the most challenging cases, making them the go-to experts for transforming your dog into an obedient and cherished companion. Choose Bobby Burke for a harmonious life with your canine companions—experience the profound difference true mastery makes.

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Lew Burke & Buddy

The iconic duo, "Lew Burke & Buddy," graced the sets of legendary television shows including Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show," Merv Griffin, Wonderama, Mike Douglas, "What's My Line," Captain Kangaroo, and "Kids Are People Too," leaving an enduring mark in entertainment history. 

Lew's prowess extended beyond the small screen, as he collaborated with esteemed studios like 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and Fox. His beloved canine companion, Buddy, featured prominently in cinematic classics such as "For Pete's Sake" alongside Barbara Streisand, "The Happy Hooker" starring Linda Redgrave, and "The Marathon Man" with Dustin Hoffman. 

ew York dog training experts, Lew Burke legacy dog training, Professional dog trainer NY, Celebrity dog trainers New York, Ma

Lew Burke

Lew Burke embarked on his illustrious journey as a dog trainer in the 1960s, pioneering new frontiers in the industry. For over five decades, he reigned supreme, captivating the public sector with his unparalleled expertise and establishing himself as a revered figure in dog training circles. His brilliance didn't just stop there; he wowed audiences worldwide with his remarkable dog act, starring his original wonder dog, "Buddy."


Dedicated to his craft until the very end, Lew lived among and trained dogs in his barn until he passed away at the age of 74. A true luminary, his passionate and prestigious career spanned over half a century, characterized by an unwavering commitment to the art of dog training. Lew Burke's legacy remains an enduring testament to his mastery and dedication in the world of canine education.

See What Our Clients Say

Bobby Burke is a gift to all of us. He brings all of his experience, his wisdom, his empathy, his warmth and humanity to our family. I don’t know what we would have done without him.

Erika Karp

Bobby just exceeded what I could’ve imagined was possible for a human to do to be able to communicate with a dog. This saved my relationship with Jonah.

David Ellenberg

We took him to maybe 10 different trainers over the course of our first two years and the trainers would say you should put the dog down. We were lucky to find Bobby. It’s been a game changer for us. It seemed impossible, but Bobby was able to get this dog into a place where we could communicate finally after Years of not being able to.

Ryan Silbert


This moving documentary follows Lew's poignant dream of reviving his renowned act with 'Dingo the Wonder Dog.' Tragically, before Lew could fulfill this promise, he passed away, leaving it unfulfilled. In a touching twist, Bob, Lew's son, steps up to honor his father's final wish.


Jill and Chris Stein witnessed the transformative impact of Lew Burke's mastery in training their first dog, Max. Seeking his expertise anew, they discovered Lew had passed away. Embracing the Burke legacy, they turned to Bobby Burke to work with their new dog, Joei. This touching testimonial showcases the timeless essence of exceptional dog training that transcends generations, fostering enduring canine-human bonds.


Kathryn shares her incredible journey of overcoming challenges with her dog, River, in a heartfelt testimonial. Bobby's expertise made an astonishing impact on River and Kathryn, showcasing the power of transformation in their story.

the profound difference true mastery makes

David expresses heartfelt gratitude to Bobby Burke for turning his problem pup into a remarkably well-behaved companion. In this video, David shares his journey and the incredible transformation Bobby brought to their lives.

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